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Crystal Haze Fluid - Swefog Ultimate Family

Ultimate fluids

Produced and bottled by Swefog in Sweden

Ultimate haze fluids are white mineral oil base liquids, made for use in ‘cracker’ haze generators, operated with compressed air. Original fluid for Swefog’s Ultimate haze generator series, compatible with most other ‘cracker’ haze generators on the market made with the finest, highly refined, medical grade white mineral oil.

Crystal Haze Fluid

True Color™ Haze Fluid. Create the ultimate lighting designers canvas. Crystal Haze Fluid creates a calm, extremely light atmospheric haze with refined gain and optical clarity. The haze is virtually invisible until it is illuminated. Crystal Haze Fluid gives a True Color™ rendering with maximum color brightness especially suitable for LED lighting with full spectrum natural colors.

Crystal Haze Fluid - Swefog Ultimate Family

Crystal Haze Fluid resources


Creates a very light atmospheric haze with refined gain & optical clarity, light reflectivity and color brightness. The 3h+ long hanging time and small particle size effortlessly bring calm haze to your venue.

C-fluid- Swefog Ultimate Family

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