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True Color™ Haze Generator

Ultimate 2000



The 5th generation of the Ultimate family

The Swefog’s True Color™ haze generator series features a perfectly balanced atmospheric haze effect. Simplicity is key, the power on and go system make quick set up and production integration possible. Ultimate 2000 is a compact, easy to use hazer which generates a unique atmospheric canvas with refined gain of optical clarity, light reflectivity and color brightness. High output together with the C-series of fluid’s long hang time and small particle size effortlessly bring calm haze to your venue.


Key features of the Ultimate 2000

  • True Color™

  • Colours are key for great lighting design both live and recorded. TrueColour fluids deliver the full palette from smooth and subtle pastels to rich and vibrant saturated colors. Thus, ensuring that costumes, set pieces and ambience tones will render naturally in true colors. Bright vibrant colors to soft pastel shades, and varieties of warm amber shades maintain high CRI values.

  • Calm Haze

  • True Color™ systems help you create calm atmospheric effects with little preparation. Leaving the hazer on for some time before the show allow even density levels of haze to be equally distributed throughout the stage area. The refined optical clarity and colour rendering originate from the TrueColour haze particles and calmness of the atmospheric effect. Hence, preventing irregularities and incomplete effects. Smooth dimming and precise degrees of zoom are accurately experienced on calm haze.

  • High-end quality materials

  • Ultimate 2000 is handcrafted and manufactured in Sweden. The compact hazer is assembled and tested by our experienced technicians, for complete effect consistency and durability throughout your career or when renting it. With the True Color™ series of Swefog hazers even the last show will look as initially designed.

  • Low fluid consuption

  • Ultimate 2000 uses only 50 ml (1.86 oz) of fluid per hour. Resulting in a total running time of 40 hours from its 2 L (0.66 US gallon) reservoir.

  • Power on and go

  • Ultimate 2000 can instantly be switched on, no warm-up time is required and can be operated continuously both manually and through DMX.

  • Long hang time

  • The haze from Swefog’s C-series of fluids have a hanging time of as much as 4 hours.

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