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Powerful, light and fast



The K family is designed for the up and coming, budget sensitive, lightdesigners and dj’s aswell as for the most experienced Swefog user. The K family is smaller, lighter and simpler, but still as genuine as its bigger sisters. First out is K1, a water based haze generator. K5 and K7 are two powerful fog generators, and the K9 will be the first water based fog generator with fully variable fog density control and they will release at the end of 2020.

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Key features of the K1

Oled display

All models of K use OLED displays with superb contrast. The logical menu system is easy to use even for a first time user. Many functions are automatic, including fluid empty detection.

  • Minimal footprint

  • The smaller design simplifies flight casing and the machines can be transported and stored in any position without risk of leaks. It also makes a minimal footprint on stage. All K members utilize LED illuminated fluid container level.

  • Made in Sweden

  • All Swefog generators are built with premium components, handcrafted and manufactured in Sweden. The K family is no exception.

  • Perks

    • One minute only heat-up time.
    • High output with less fluid usage.
    • Continuous operation at all output levels.
    • Silent operation with seamless fan speed control.
    • Integrated WaveGuide™ for direction of air flow.
    • One 3 L Oktagon™ BiB container is enough for up to 75 hrs of continuous operation.
    • DMX 512, featuring full RDM for communicating with light desk.
    • USB interface for service & firmware updates.
    • Smooth, linear fog output at all levels, 1-100%.
  • Fluids

  • K1 uses a special molecular haze fluid. 3L BiB as standard, 25 & 220 L available for permanent installation.

K1 Fluid - Swefog

Bag in box 3L

The K family use Swefog bag-in-box fluid which saves 75% of plastics compared to regular plastic canisters. The bag-in-box system also creates a 100% leak-proof environment also preventing the fluids from ageing. The whole box including the PE plastics are fully recyclable.

By choosing the bag-in-box you save money but foremost you are a little less cruel to the environment and help us develop Swefog in a more sustainable way. Thank you!

More about Bag-in-box


K1 - Swefog